Best Way To Sell Comic Book Collection

Best way to sell comic book collection

Oct 24,  · How to Sell Your Comic Book Collection for Top Dollar Make a List of your Collection. This is basically the first thing you should do if you have a large comic collection. It Arrange Everything in Order. Sort your collection according to series and edition number. This is a good idea because. A trustworthy comic book dealer is usually the fastest way to raise a lump sum.

They will often pay in cash or partial cash and check. They will often travel to you at no charge. Many dealers, including Superworld will pay you on the cusp of the year end and beginning of the. We know that the decision to sell old comic books can sometimes be a tough one to make, due to a cash crunch, and that your books may have sentimental as well as financial value.

We settle up quickly, and pay using the method which suits you best. Cash, wire transfer, certified check, Paypal, Moneygram or Western Union are all possible. Sep 26,  · Although my comic book collection probably cost me roughly $75, over the years (and maybe more), the only way to get that much money out of it would have been to spend a l-o-n-g time selling each book. The idea gave me the heebie-jeebies (and Kim hated it even more). If you've stumbled across a treasure trove of comics, then Sell My Comic Books is a great place to find out what you have.

Use our articles to identify and value the comic books in your collection, or let us do the hard work for you with a free appraisal. When you want to sell comics FAST, then we should be your first point of contact. No prior authorization required, just follow the instructions and ship your comics.

There is no easier way to sell your comics! Any quantity of $ cover priced comics may be sent under this option, even a single comic. Groups of or more comics with a cover price of $ or less can be shipped directly to us for an offer. Aug 22,  · How to sell comic books I have a large collection () comics books, mainly early 90's DC Comics (Superman, Batman, Justice League) in mint condition. I want to find the simplest way to get rid of them (and maximze profits, of course).

Feb 27,  · Good old eBay (aka “The Bay”) is probably the easiest way to quickly sell your comics. Resources like Zap-Kapow Comics, and eBay itself, can be excellent resources to give you an idea of what to expect in terms of what you can get value-wise from your comic books. Time Warp Comic book store serving Denver Metro Area for new comics, hard to find back issues, manga, collectible cards, games, toys & comic books!

for a better return but if you don’t have the time or inclination to do so than you can read this article on how to best sell a collection. Events can be good places to sell comic books, especially those that have an enthusiastic audience packed with comic collectors.

Comic conventions, in particular, are good places to take your comics; though you can also sell them at flea markets, trade shows, and other events. This list of apps is for the true comic book enthusiast. There's no shame in having hundreds of comics, but there is shame in not keeping track of that awesome collection.

This list of apps will. Nov 19,  · My friend has a 40k + collection he has been collecting for 47 years. Now, for the most part, he only added the best copies to his collection, so they are all in great condition. We were talking and he is about ready to retire and wants to use the funds from the sale of these books to do so. Im n. Feb 26,  · I inherited a large playboy collection.

I want to sell the collection. I know it is worth a lot. I have researched values, but not sure how/where to sell them. Here is a partial list and photos of the first one. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Inventory Qty Playboy - - Marilyn Monroe. Jun 10,  · When I announced to my friends a few years ago that I was going to sell my comic book collection, they warned me not to. “That collection is worth money,” they said. My friends were right. I’d started collecting when I was in elementary school in the early s, and I didn’t stop until the.

Welcome to the best website for bronze age, silver age and golden age collectible comic books and original comic book xn--4-dtb2ajakeejf.xn--p1aiorld Comics is home to many rare and valuable comics for fun and investment. We are always interested in buying comic book collections and original comic book art.

If you are selling your comics, call us xn--4-dtb2ajakeejf.xn--p1ai can help you find the fair value of your comics. We are a top comic book buyer. Owner Jon R. Warren wrote the Wizard Price Guide to Comics, was senior price guide editor for Wizard Magazine for 10 years, and senior price guide editor of The Overstreet Update for ten years before that. Learn how to sell your rare comic books to. sell YOUR comic books online, old toys & collectables!. The best way to sell old comic books, toys, and collectables is online!

We give you cash or check – not credit at your local store, and we can show you how to sell your comic book collection fast and easy. Aug 16,  · There comes a point in every comic collector’s life where they must decide whether or not to sell their comic book collection.

If you decide to do so, Will h. Absolutely brilliant service. If you want to sell your comics, these are they people to go to. Honest, fair and passionate about comics.

Easy to work with, fast communication and prompt payments. Knowing your comics have gone to a good home is peace of mind too. If Carlsburg did buyers, they'd be WeBuyAnyComics. Can not recommended enough. read more. Nov 12,  · How should you sell your book? A professional book dealer is probably still your best option for selling a rare book.

Once you agree on a price, the book dealer will buy your book from you without any additional fees or wait time. Auction houses are also an option. A book may sometimes realize a higher price at auction than it would in a. Comic book and action figures database to organize your collection online for free with full item details, images, and current market values.

Run reports on your collection. Enter to win prizes and giveaways. Did we mention its FREE! One of the best places to try selling your comic book collection is over the Internet.

Advertise on the Internet, let your friends know about it. Blog about it, so that people get to know about it. There are few websites which may want to purchase your collection, apart from potential individual customers. You can also put it in classifieds. "Best way to sell comic book collections mostly" Topic. 19 Posts. All members in good standing are free to post here. Opinions expressed here are solely those of the posters, and have not been cleared with nor are they endorsed by The Miniatures Page.

For more information, see the TMP FAQ. May 14,  · I just went through this myself. I had eight long boxes of comics and they were just taking up room in my closet to prove my “Geek Cred.” I had all the stories I re-read on TPB and disc.

So, first things first: Ignore Overtreet or any official pri. Nov 20,  · When I'm not looking at "haunted" dolls, I'm selling old runs of X-MEN Yep, TWO references. 6. Selling Online.

Best way to sell comic book collection

When I finally bit the bullet and started selling comics. Here at Nostalgia Zone we buy comic books, graphic novels, trade paperbacks, books, magazines, toys, games and other pop culture artifacts. How To Sell Comics To Nostalgia Zone If you have comics or other items you think we may be interested in, just email ([email protected]) or call () or even stop on in if you're nearby (a.

Sell your collectibles to Neat Stuff Collectibles, the #1 buyer and seller of comic books and collectibles. We will travel to you, and we pay cash on the spot! We spend MILLIONS buying comic books and collectibles, including- Vintage Comic Books We've spent over $10 million in the past two years buying everything from rare single comics to entire. We make it easy to get the most money for your Comic collection.

Request a free auction evaluation, or get an offer to sell outright. As the world's largest collectibles auctioneer, we bring our huge client base, technical savvy and marketing prowess to the table to make sure you get the most for your treasures.

Jan 16,  · For example, my organisational strategy is done by the publisher and then alphabetically by comic book series and issue number. For me, it’s the easiest way to find things. Although, I do remember many years ago, when I had a fraction of the comics I have today, my collection was ordered in a broad reading order. Apr 18,  · Danni shares tips for successfully selling your old comics. If you're looking to get rid of that old long box sitting in your closet, but you don't know much.

Comic Books: Buy, Sell, Trade, Consign, Collect. We offer Modern, Bronze Age, Silver Age, and Golden Age comics. If you're looking for a hard to find back issue, we probably have it.

If we don't, add it to your want list and we'll notify you when it's in stock. This Week's Features. Comic Book Storage Types Comic Book Bags. Bag sizes depend on what year your comic book was published: Current – ’s to today, size 6 7/8" x 10 1/2" Silver Age – ’s to ’s, size 7 1/8" x 10 1/2" Golden Age - presize 7 3/4” x 10 1/2”. You might be starting out by selling off your own massive collection, but even so, you will quickly need to plug into a reliable and good quality product supply chain.

Find comic book outlets that make it easy to restock popular series and carry a few marquee early edition classics.

Sometimes a comic book is so popular it goes back for reprints. Second, third, fourth, heck even fifteenth printings happen (see: Batman: The Killing Joke ()), especially with the Big Two (Marvel and DC Comics).

Best way to sell comic book collection

And for years, the general comic book community kinda looked Continue reading Top 10 Most Valuable Comic Book Reprints Of All Time. Comic Book Collections. Starting or even just expanding an existing comic book collection can seem a little daunting.

Major comics companies have titles with histories that span decades of publication, and if you are new to a particular arc, it can be hard to even decide where to start. How to sell a comic book collection, doesn't have to be a mystery.

If you have a bunch of comics sitting in your closet, gathering dust, and you can't bring yourself to get rid of them, you may think it's not even worth trying to sell.

Sep 23,  · “A large binder will hold dozens of comic books with ease.” Step 5: Carefully Put What’s Left into Long-term Comic Storage. If you aren’t going to display your collection, Wired writers recommend keeping the bagged-and-boarded comics in a cool, dry place.

“Slightly below room temperature (72 F) is typically a good guideline. This will help us determine if your collection is something we handle and whether it would be worth a road trip to travel to your location for a full appraisal. Step 3: We’ll Strike a Deal.

We’ll meet to appraise your collection and make you an offer. If you’re local, you can bring your collection to our shop. If you’re farther away or. Mar 05,  · If you’d rather unload your entire collection, you may be best off heading to a local comic book store. If the manager isn’t willing to make you an offer, he may be able to give you some leads to. Sep 27,  · The Best Ways to Self-Publish And Sell Your Comic Book. If you write and illustrate your comic books, you could sell a PDF sketchbook of your artwork alongside the digital copy of your comic book.

Jul 12,  · If you are keeping your collection to give to your kids or you feel that owning comic books is a good investment I would still recommend selling the majority and investing in good key pieces. CBD’s own Walt Durajlija often recommends that prospective investors buy key books in. Sep 23,  · If you want to get top dollar, you're going to have to “piece out” the collection.

That is, you're going to have to sell each comic book separately. If you have copies of Green Lantern #1, #2, and #4 in Good condition, you might get $ for the lot. But if. On reddit there is the Halifax marketplace xn--4-dtb2ajakeejf.xn--p1ai You can also sell on kijiji or Ebay, there might be a Facebook group to sell comic books. If your looking to sell to a store there are some comic book stores downtown though I do not know what they'll pay.

Sell my Collection, Buy my Collection, Sports Collection - You are at right place where we will provide cash for your Collectibles. Playboy magazines, Sports Collectibles etc. I'm no expert, but generally trying to make money from a print collection such as comic books or baseball cards is a really tough thing to do.

Easy way out is to sell the entire lot for a bulk price. There will be those out there willing to take them all for a cheaper price on the off chance they might find something of value inside. When more than one comic is offered in a particular listing, the entire sale is disregarded. If a comic is purchased for an amount less than it's fixed price (i.e. a "best offer" is accepted) we report the price offered/paid. If the holder/label is damaged the sale is disregarded.

Comics Price Guide was the first online price guide for comic books back in From our humble beginnings, we have grown to the largest, most complete comic book price guide with well over 1, comics in our database.

We have values for any Marvel, DC, Image, IDW, Darkhorse, or Dell comic book that is in your collection. Once you come in, just let the TATE’S staff member up at the front know that you are here with a collection and that you called ahead. They will tell you to bring it in and the process will begin.

Please do not stand up front and give us a running sales pitch about why “xyz” is amazing. The most important consideration in selling comics is selling by the single piece, not the bulk load. As a general rule, comics less than 20 years old are difficult to sell by the piece. Comics over twenty years old become easier, and comics over 30 years old have great potential for single item sales. Jul 02,  · Collecting comic books as a hobby with financial prospect has been going on for a long time; even way back in the comic book Bronze age from the .